3 Best Swimming Strokes to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

Have you made a resolution to get more fit in 2018? No matter if you’re looking to tone, build muscle or shed some pounds, fiberglass pools in Bucks County, PA can be the key to unlocking the fun and exciting workout routine that you need to unlock a better you this year.

Although you may not be outdoors swimming for a few months, read on to learn how three of the most common swimming strokes can help you achieve your health goals as soon as it’s time to open up the pool.

Fat burning: freestyle. The freestyle stroke focuses on fast movements. By rapidly kicking your legs and moving your arms, you’ll be able to propel yourself through the water effectively. The freestyle is the best swimming style if you want to focus on cardio because rapid movements of both the legs and arms will keep your heart pumping longer.

Toning: backstroke. Just because you’re on your back doesn’t mean you’re only working those shoulder muscles! A proper backstroke will require you to tighten your abdominal muscles to stay afloat as well, making it the perfect exercise for toning the back and carving out a six pack!

Muscle building: breaststroke. The breaststroke is the best stroke to accompany a weight-lifting routine because it works nearly every muscle that you use when deadlifting. In particular, strong repetitions of movements that engage the glutes, thighs and the biceps are perfect ways for weightlifters to add cardio into their routine.

Fiberglass pools in Montgomery County, PA can improve the value of your home, add a fun way to get you and your family outdoors, and give you the option of a total-body workout just steps away from your home.

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