Why You Should Be Careful Not to Overcrowd Your Pool

As the temperature starts to rise, Pennsylvanians and New Jersey residents will be preparing to open their pools to enjoy some fun in the sun! If you’ve recently received pool installation in Chester County, PA, you and your family are probably already itching to head into the water.

While summer pool parties are a seasonal favorite, you should be very careful to limit the number of people in the water to ensure the health and safety of your visitors. Some of the most common dangers of an overcrowded pool include the following.

● A greater risk of injury. It’s simple math; more people plus a smaller area equals a higher chance of someone getting hurt. Overcrowding in pools can lead to excess horseplay, and when guests can’t freely move around, you are increasing the odds that someone will be accidentally hit, smacked or injured in your pool.

● Unbalanced chemical levels. Even without overcrowding, pool owners know that getting the exact balance of chemicals that will keep the water clean is a challenge. When your pool is overcrowded and guests cannot freely move around, chemicals can become diluted with dirt and bodily fluids, leading to green water and algae growth.

● Less effective supervision. If you are a parent, you probably already know firsthand just how difficult it is to keep a watchful eye on rambunctious little ones. When you increase the number of people in your pool, you make it more difficult for the pool supervisor to see everything going on, which can make it easier for a child to drown.

Stay safe this summer by limiting the number of children and adults who can play in the pool at once, and always remember to complete repairs to your swimming area or stamped concrete in Gloucester County, NJ before summer arrives!

If you have any questions about pool installation or safety, feel free to give our team at Superior Pool & Patio a call today at 215-596-4792!