How Long Does It Take to Build a Swimming Pool?

It’s never too early to start thinking about next summer. What better way to enjoy your summer than swimming in your pool with friends and family? A lazy day spent poolside is the ideal way to spend the season, and the good thing is you most likely can build a pool right in your backyard as soon as possible. Fiberglass pool construction is a fun and relatively easy experience — and the result can last a lifetime. 

If you are thinking about building a swimming pool soon, you probably wonder how long it will take. Even though you want one, will it take up too much of your time? The good news is that it won’t if it is completed properly.

Setting Up the Fundamentals

This is the longest part of the pool building process because you make most of the design decisions and customize the installation to your liking. During this time, you should hire a pool contractor who can help you through this process. Once that is done, you move on to the design phase. 

When the plans are finalized, you will better understand how your pool will look. This is probably the longest part of the pool construction, and it may take weeks, depending on what type of pool you are hoping for. 

This is also where you should look into all the permits required by state law before you build your pool. You may face legal trouble during the construction process if these are not acquired. However, the bad news is that this is the area you and your contractor have no control over. It could take weeks or even months to get these permits. However, being patient during this time is extremely important because trying to speed getting your permits usually slows it down even more. 

The Actual Process 

The first step is surprisingly easy regarding the actual process of fiberglass pool construction — the excavation. Once you have taken care of the design prep, decided what shape and look of the pool you are going for, it’s time to start digging. A simple excavation process doesn’t take very long, only about a week or two. However, this process could take longer if you live in a very rocky area or somewhere that may have soil complications. During this stage, the shape and depth of the pool get created. 

After excavation, pouring concrete and placing the fiberglass structure into the ground will only take a short time. Usually, it takes at least a few days and, at most, about a week to finish. However, if you are considering a different kind of pool, it may take longer based on a few variables. For example, if you choose a concrete pool, the shape is constructed out of concrete, then needs to be layered with other materials before completion. 

Making sure your pool has filters is extremely important to keep it suitable for your summertime fun and possibly make your pool heatable. Fiberglass pools retain heat better than any other pool design material. Therefore, the next step involves laying the plumbing and electrical work to make your heated pool a reality. If you are in the process of fiberglass pool construction, heating is a great idea for an add-on. However, keep in mind that this may extend the construction timetable, but only by a week or two. 

Finishing Up Final Touches 

After the pool is installed, it becomes a waiting game to ensure the concrete is set and completely safe before you begin any custom changes, such as extra filters and pumps. If you have any custom design changes that will add to your time before you can jump into the deep end. If you decide to add on any additional pumps (as mentioned before) or even add on a larger feature — like building your pool with a new outdoor patio and kitchen — this process could take much longer. 

Preparing Your New Pool 

The last step of the pool construction process is to prepare your pool for use. This includes filling up your pool, checking the water and chemicals you add to it, and ensuring the water temperature is safe for everyone. These last few steps should only take a couple of days. Filling the actual pool with water can take anywhere between one to a few days, depending on the size. After that, your pool is ready for you to enjoy!  

Find the Best Pool For You

The first step in deciding to build a fiberglass pool is finding the right one for your needs. Here at Superior Pool and Patio, we strive to help you find the perfect option for you and your home quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of designs, which include fiberglass pools in Delaware County, PA. If you or someone you know is considering installing a pool in your home before next summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you!