The Advantages of a Beach Entry Pool

You don’t need to live along the shoreline to enjoy the benefits of a beach entry pool. Also referred to as a zero-entry pool, the beach entry pool design allows individuals to enter using a shallow area that progressively gets deeper as you go further into the swimming area. The slope design provides an ideal entry point that mimics the feel of going into an ocean or large body of water.

There are many advantages to installing a beach entry pool over the more conventional pool designs. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of this unique and beautiful pool style:

beach entry pool infographic

Easy Access Opens the Pool to All

Traditional pools require users to either descend steps or a ladder to get into the swimming area. This can often be a challenge for children, senior citizens, and individuals with mobility issues. The open entry design of a beach entry pool allows individuals to gradually enter the pool as the entrance portion slopes down into the main pool. Instead of navigating slippery ladder steps or stairs, family and friends can easily access the pool by utilizing the beach entry area. Handrails can still be installed to allow for even greater accessibility.

Improved Aesthetics that Catch the Eye

When it comes to looks, a beach entry pool is much more pleasing to the eye than typical pool designs. With a shore-like area where water comes directly up to the hardscape or patio area, a beach entry pool will mimic the feel of visiting the beach or lake. This natural approach to exterior pool design is much more appealing than looking at standard steps or an aluminum ladder entryway. Pool owners can build upon the outline to create a virtual oasis in their backyard or patio area.

Multi-Functional for Everyone’s Enjoyment

A beach entry design allows for everyone to fully enjoy the pleasures of the pool. Many pool owners use the shallow portion to double as a tanning ledge. Children can also safely enjoy the water without all of the safety risks of falling into the deeper sections of the swimming area. Even non-swimmers can enjoy having their feet in the water with a beach entry pool.

There are many advantages to installing a beach entry pool. You can escape the daily stresses of life while sitting along the shoreline of your beautiful backyard pool.

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