Things to Consider before Installing a Fiberglass Pool

Almost everyone dreams of installing a pool in their yards during the hot summer days, but before you take the “plunge” into fiberglass pool installation in Gloucester County, NJ, be sure to do your homework. Installing a pool is a massive undertaking; while you might be able to put an above-ground pool into your yard with the help of a few friends, a pool installation company in Camden County, NJ, will be needed to plan and implement an in-ground pool.

Before you begin to consult with our experts at Superior Pool & Patio, it’s crucial that you set a budget of what you can afford to spend and stick with it. Make a list of all the features that you consider “must-haves” in your new pool, and add any other features to a separate list of “like-to-haves;” this way, you can remember what features are most important if your pool estimation comes over budget. Don’t forget also to consider long-term costs that may not be apparent up front, like chemicals needed for cleaning and increased electricity bills due to filtration.

Additionally, you need to keep safety regulations in mind when planning your pool. A qualified expert in pool installation will likely be able to make recommendations considering building permits, but since each county and state are different, it’s best to do the research yourself. Remember to check with your neighborhood association to be sure that the pool you are looking to install does not violate any agreements you signed when moving in, and inform your home insurance company before pool construction begins so they will be aware if anything goes wrong.

Swimming in the sun is a family-favorite activity for the summer, but keeping up with building codes and insurance can be a hassle. By contacting one of our local pool installation experts,, you can rest with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your job is in the hands of the professionals.