Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing defines warmth, comfort and luxury quite like an elegant fireplace. However, you no longer have to be inside to experience the warmth of the flames. An outdoor fireplace can be an excellent addition to a backyard patio and something that family members and friends can enjoy at all times of the year.

Some amazing benefits of building an outdoor fireplace include:

The extension of your outdoor season: Because of the warmth and comfort it offers, an outdoor fireplace will allow you to be outside longer. Additionally, the flames, in addition to any outside lighting you have, will enable those evening get-togethers with guests to go on longer.

An increase in the value of your property: If you plan to sell your home in the future, a professionally designed and installed fireplace will be a great selling feature.

Additional entertainment space: If you’re having a party, assembling guests around a warm fireplace with comfortable outdoor chairs, sofas and loveseats will no doubt add to the fun. After all, they can grab some sticks, roast marshmallows and chat as they enjoy the comfort of the fire.

The installation process is easy: When most people think of installing a new fireplace, they think of tearing down walls, the dirty carpets they’ll deal with after construction, etc. But, with an outdoor fireplace, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. Installing an outdoor fireplace is a breeze if you use a professional company like Superior Pool & Patio.

If your dream is to have a cozy and aesthetically pleasing outdoor fireplace that you can enjoy with family members and friends at any time of year, contact us here at Superior Pool & Patio. We use quality materials and have designers on staff who will bring your vision to life. Call us today!