What You Need to Know About The Pool Installation Process

Installation of a new fiberglass pool might be more simple than you think! While most people imagine that the pool installation process in Bucks County, PA is long, arduous, and filled with an endless number of meetings and excavations, the truth is that an installation of a Leisure brand fiberglass pool with Superior Pool & Patio is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the six steps to getting the new pool of your dreams – right in your own backyard!

Approval and layouts. The first step to pool installation? Making sure that your yard can handle it! After approval from a contractor, an installer will use predetermined measurements and design to make sure everything goes right when construction begins.

Excavation. After everything has been laid out, and landscaping concerns are addressed, the hole where the pool will be placed is dug to the deepest depths of the pool.

Floor setting. Following excavation, a bed of sand will be placed on the floor of the excavation site. This provides a solid bed of foundation for the pool to sit upon.

Pool placement. Next, the pool will be lifted into place by a crane. This can be a dangerous process, so your installer will likely discuss a single access path that must be used until the pool has been placed to prevent injury. After the pool has been set into place, the installer will level the inside to make sure that the pool is sitting on even ground.

Filling. Your pool will be filled with water at the same time as the backfillable area (the spaces around the pool that have not been covered by the fiberglass pool) is filled with sand or gravel. This ensures that your pool doesn’t collapse due to uneven pressure from the outside.

Reinforcement and finishing. The pool is locked in with concrete, and the area around your pool is given a more complete look with hardscaping and landscaping.

That’s it! After installation, you’ll have a beautiful new Leisure pool from a superior Bucks County, PA pool installation company to enjoy on the next warm and sunny day. Enjoy!